Bringing Health to Life.

The World Health Organisation asked us to create an engaging animation to help viewers understand the incredible work they do. From making the air we breathe safer, to keeping our food safe to eat, the benefits of the WHO touch all of us around the globe on a daily basis.

The aim was to create an uplifting animation that everyone could enjoy and learn from.  Striking the right balance between sophistication and fun.

With a very tight deadline for delivery, we managed to create an animation that was so well received by the WHO that they incorporated the rich colour scheme in their rebrand.


We aimed to bring a certain maturity to our illustrations whilst also keeping them engaging to reach a broader demographic of audience.

The WHO wanted us to portray as many unexpected aspects of our daily lives that they touch. From the more obvious, such as vaccine recommendation to the subtle things, such as keeping water safe to drink and our air pollution free.

From the colour palette to the use of lighting effects in each scene. Everything was considered to set just the right tone throughout the animation.