Ever wondered how a monster should behave during dinner?

Well look no further, our animation ‘table manners’ gives you simple advice on the correct
table etiquette for our shadow dwelling friends.

At Lolly studio, we have an incredibly talented roster of Illustrators, designers, animators, scriptwriters, 3D modellers and much more at our fingertips. In an effort to showcase a little more of this talent we created Table Manners, the first in a series of short, fun bite-size animations based around table etiquette.

It all starts with the character design. It is essential to get this bit right. We wanted our monsters to be very lovable so started with a children’s picture book feel.

Another important element was how things would look within 3D. We wanted to combine a storybook quality with a playful toy like feel to the textures and lighting.

How do they move?

This is also key to the ‘character’ of the animation. We didn’t need to create walk cycles for these chaps, but it really helped to get a feel of their personalities.

Every element of  expression needed to be explored.

So, what is the correct Table etiquette for a monster?

Take a look and see for yourself.